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Business evolution hides in your company data.

Since 2003 HSPI has been supporting its customers in designing
new processes and redesigning existing ones, ensuring
alignment with the organizational model, and maximizing the
benefits brought by emerging technologies, while keeping
process compliance with international “best practices”, using an
increasingly “data driven” approach.
Continuous process monitoring & improvement across different industry and government sectors.
HSPI is Apromore’s strategic partner and its exclusive implementation provider in Italy.
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Business Process Management (BPM) studies the functioning of
an organization, with the aim of ensuring consistency with
business objectives and bringing out opportunities for
improvement. Typical examples of improvement objectives are
the reduction of costs, the reduction of execution times and error
rates, but also the achievement of competitive advantages
through innovation. Improvement initiatives can be one-off or
continuous in nature; they can be incremental or radical. It is
important to emphasize that BPM does not aim to improve
individual activities, but to manage end-to-end processes, hence
entire chains of events, activities and decisions that ultimately
add value to an organization and its customers. In over 15 years
of consultancy practice, we have assisted more than 100
organizations in achieving their strategic objectives via the
application of process-driven approaches and techniques.
An emerging area of process mining in which HSPI has been
specializing is that of Predictive process monitoring. This area
exploits historical process execution logs to provide forecasts on
the execution of open process cases. By combining techniques
from machine learnings with those for the analysis of business
processes, it is possible to relate predictions to different aspects
ofa process, such as activities, paths, execution times, and the
occurrence of new cases. These predictions enable operational
managers and staff to anticipate performance problems or
compliance violations. Recently, we have supported several
customers in the design and development of custom predictive
process monitoring dashboards to support their day-to-day
operations in sectors such as logistics, banking and insurance.
Process Mining is a family of techniques for analyzing
performance and compliance of business processes based on logs
recorded during the execution of process activities. Process
Mining techniques complement tactical dashboarding. While
tactical dashboards allow managers and analysts to get an overall
picture of the state of health of a process, Process Mining
techniques allow them to dig deeper. Specifically, these
techniques help to understand the process and analyze the
performance of a process up to level of individual activities,
resources and handoff of work. At HSPI, we have a long-standing
experience in the application of a wide range of process mining
capabilities for automated process discovery, performance
analysis, variant analysis and conformance checking. By using
process mining techniques, we have effectively supported a large
number of Italian organizations in their digital transformation and
operation excellence journeys.
Process automation has recently gaining widespread adoption thanks to the combination of end-to-end process automation technologies with task-level automation solutions brought by Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Process automation leads to improvements in operational efficiency and compliance, when used in light of process redesign efforts. We accompany our customers throughout their BPM journey, from the identification of automation opportunities at the process and task levels, using process mining techniques when data is available, through to the desing of the process automation solution, its implementation and roll out to production.
Process Simulation allows analysts to understand the impact of
individual factors on process performance, considering
different “what if…” scenarios. To analyze the expected process
performance against different possible scenarios, we apply
state-of-the-art process simulation techniques based on
discrete events processing and dynamic modeling, which allow
us to consider different factors at play, such as process variants,
differences in products, types of resources, their capabilities
and availability. We often use process simulation as a follow-up
approach from the results obtained from our process mining-
based analysis.
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HSPI SpA is an accredited training institution (ATO e AEO) da APMG International, PEOPLECERT
e IREB for courses ITIL®, PRINCE2®, COBIT5®, MoP®, PRINCE2 Agile®, AgilePM®, DevOps® e CPRE®.
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Training and Education
“Passion for Innovation conference”
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Process Mining
Our numbers
on BPM Courses
Since 2013, HSPI has been partnering with leading universities in the
areas of Business Process Management (BPM) and Process Mining,
such as Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and The
University of Melbourne. HSPI has spearheaded corporate education
in BPM and Process Mining in Italy, offering specialized training
courses based on recognized certification programs, such as CBPA®
(Certified Business Process Associate - ABPMP). All HSPI courses are
continuously reviewed and aligned with state-of-the-art
developments in BPM and process mining research, as part of HSPI’s
Quality Management System (HSPI is ISO 9001:2015 certified - IAF 33,
35, 37).
Thanks to the partnership with The University of Melbourne, HSPI
was the first Italian company to adopt a process mining-driven
approach in its consultancy practice, which combines Data Mining
and Artificial Intelligence techniques within an overarching BPM
Since 2013, HSPI has delivered:
17 HSPI consultants aere CBPA certified. In addition, all our junior resources have undertaken training in BPM to increase their level of literacy in this area.
The experience in implementing IT Governance practices has enabled HSPI to design and deliver advanced training courses and masters in collaboration with prestigious academic Institutions such as:

Bologna Business School: in 2021, the 10th edition of “IT Governance and Management” Open
Program will be delivered, which targets CIOs, CFOs and other key IT roles in today’s
LUISS Business School: EMIT (Executive Program in Digital Innovation & Governance) will be
run for the 11th edition in 2021. This program includes 45 days of learning activities, with four
days completely dedicated to Business Process Management and Process Mining, leading to
the ABPMP CBPA certification.
7 BPM modules within Master EMIT of LUISS Business School’s EMIT program, for a total of 28 training days in BPM and Process Mining, involving a total of 112 participants to date, including CIOs, HR Directors and other key roles in large Italian organizations (i.e. ACI, SOGEI, ACEA, TRENITALIA, POSTE ITALIANE, BANCA D’ITALIA, INAIL, VATICANO, …).
10 BPM courses to specific customers or on public calendar, for a
total of
30 training days, involving 109 participants to date,
56 HSPI consultants and 53 external participants