Gartner sullo studio “Process Mining: a Database of Applications (118 case studies)” di HSPI

venerdì 27 Aprile, 2018

Lo studio “Process Mining: a Database of Applications (118 case studies)”, sviluppato dall’ HSPI Process Mining Laboratory è stato citato come un caso di studio eccellente da Gartner in “Market Guide for Process Mining”. Lo studio comprende una lista completa di progetti di Process Mining che unisce i principali stakeholder coinvolti e gli insight fondamentali circa l’applicazione di questa tecnologia. L’obiettivo di questo studio è quello di creare un database di case studies il più completo possibile, aperto alla nuova community di Process Mining che comprende data scientists, consulenti, manager e ricercatori da tutto il mondo. Il documento è scaricabile direttamente dal sito HSPI.

“Process mining is a process management techniques that connects ideas of process modelling and analysis on the one hand and data mining and machine learning on the other. It aims to improve the control over business processes by providing technologies and tools for discovering performance, organizational and social related information from event logs stored within an information technology system. 

In this context, HSPI Process Mining Laboratory has developed “Process Mining: A Database of Applications”, the most complete list of process mining adoptions, by collecting directly from the key stakeholders involved, fundamental insights about the application of this technology. The purpose of this study is to create a database of practical cases with no distinction of markets, industries and vendors, but with the only aim of completeness and validity. 

We believe this knowledge endeavor could improve the awareness about this technology and to increase the confidence in its business potentials, expanding the community of process mining users to new data scientists, magager, consultants and researcher from all over the world.”

Fonte: Gartner